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Safe and Easy Payment Options

We email you an invoice for each order. You can click on the link in the email that takes you to a secure PayPal' site where you can make payment through any credit card of your choice (no registration with PayPal' required).

Customers are asked not to provide credit card information to any of our sales/customer service reps, or email/fax it to the sales/customer service numbers.

Payments can be easily made through a link that will be sent in the invoice - paypal registration is not required, and all that is needed is for the customer to simply enter their credit card information directly through paypal's secure servers.

We do billing through the ultra secure PayPal' Servers.

(All Payments Through Secure PayPal' Servers)

Most Formats Provided

100, cnd, dsb, dst, dsz, emb, exp, jef, ksm, pes, pof, tap, xxx & others


Unless otherwise instructed by you, we send you digitized formats in DST only. Please let us know if you require any other formats for downloading and/or uploading.


Most Formats Accepted

ai, cdr, eps, gif, jpg, pdf, png, psd, tif & others


Quick Turnaround

Send us your logo/ design with any comments/ instructions you may have  and receive a price quote from us within 4-6 hrs. When ready, place order through our secure website -

Receive digitized image within 8-12 hours along with a jpeg image and a photo of your sew out that you can view in your own computer. Save image on disc and enjoy superb embroidery results! Orders received by 5:00 pm CT, can be received next morning by 9:00 am CT.


Easy Registration and Communication Process

New customers can easily register using the -New User Registration” link on the left tab on the Home Page. If you are already a Registered Customer, then you can place your order by login to your account   (with complete details and requirements).


The convenience of email - the comfort of personal service

We strive to provide timely and reliable service to our customers. You can place query at our contact us page or fax it at 713-481-6279. Unlike other embroidery digitizing companies, however, we always have a live person available at the other end at all times (24 hours a day!). We try to do our utmost best to personalize the service we offer to you!


Fast Revisions / Edits

Want a size change, color adjustment, modify text, etc., or just not 100% satisfied with your sew out? We’re here for you every hour of the day. We will revise your designs at little or no charge. If you are not satisfied with your design, we will edit it for you for free until you are happy with the end result!


Any existing embroidery design can be edited. If you have a design that has problems like thread breaks, registration out of the design, puckering, stitch counts high or low, etc., we can edit it for you. We are equipped to fix any problem that you may have. Sometimes a design costs more to fix than to totally re-digitize. If you send us the design we can tell you if it is better to edit the design or better to re-digitize the entire design. We have to see the actual design to know for sure. There is no charge for checking the design.


Please be mindful of the fact designs that are not digitized properly can cause expensive damage to your embroidery machine. With our digitizing experience you can be assured of getting only the highest quality digitizing.


Vector Art

We will vectorize and/ or give color separations of your designs for your screen printing needs. In addition, we can clean up your existing art work, design logos, business cards, flyers, etc. Our expert graphic designers are here for all of your designing needs!


At Galaxy Digitizing, we:

(1) Employ the most advanced software

(2) Use only the most skilled staff for your embroidery designs

(3) Offer one of the Best prices in the industry

(4) Guarantee quality embroidery digitizing.

(5) Provide an extremely quick turnaround time

(6) Provide convenient payment and billing options, including detailed bills and invoices

(7) Maintain the highest standards in embroidery digitizing to give you optimal embroidery results, with efficiency, convenience and great pricing. Our ultimate goal is to provide excellent customer service and outstanding embroiderydesigns!
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